top álbuns: 2012

+3: a thing called divine fits (divine fits); little broken hearts (norah jones); claridão (silva)


15. blunderbuss (jack white)

‘i want love to change my friends to enemies
and show me how it’s all my fault’
(love interruption)

14. gossamer (passion pit)

‘just believe in me, cristina
all these demons, i can beat ’em’ (on my way)

13. an awesome wave (alt-j)

‘do not spray into eyes
i have sprayed you into my eyes’ (taro)


12. fantasea (azealia banks)

‘but i don’t even blame you
if i was you i’d hate too’ (us)

11. i know what love isn’t (jens lekman)

‘it all sounds the same
every cord knows your name’ (every little hair knows your name)

10. heaven (the walkmen)

‘what it is and what it should be
baby i won’t ever be’ (the love you love)

09. sun (cat power)

‘i never knew pain, i never knew shame
now i know why’ (cherokee)

08. lonerism (tame impala)

‘i don’t need them
and they don’t need me’ (why won’t they talk to me?)

07. bloom (beach house)

‘the contact that you make
the moment when a memory aches’ (wishes)

06. caravana sereia bloom (céu)

‘vem comigo mundo afora
em qualquer lugar que eu ande’ (amor de antigos)


05. good kid, m.a.a.d city (kendrick lamar)

‘everybody gonna respect the shooter
but the one in front of the gun lives forever’ (money trees)

04. channel orange (frank ocean)

‘we end our day up on the roof
i say i’ll jump, i never do’ (super rich kids)

03. shields (grizzly bear)

‘in some great beyond
you’re still there, still as you were’ (half gate)

02. coexist (the xx)

‘do you still believe
in you and me?’ (missing)

01. the idler wheel… (fiona apple)

‘i made it to a dinner date
my teardrops seasoned every plate’ (valetine)


top álbuns: 2011

+3: we’re new here (gill scott heron & jamie xx); watch the throne (jay-z & kanye west); strange mercy (st. vincent)

15. 21 (adele)

14. barton hollow (the civil wars)

13. ceremonials (florence + the machine)

12. take care (drake)

11. what did you expect from the vaccines? (the vaccines)

10. father, son, holy ghost (girls)

09. mine is yours (cold war kids)

08. wounded rhymes (lykke li)

07. sondre lerche (sondre lerche)

06. a creature i don’t know (laura marling)

05. helplesness blues (fleet foxes)

04. portamento (the drums)

03. bon iver (bon iver)

02. james blake (james blake)

01. house of balloons (the weekend)

top álbuns: 2010

+ 3: lisbon (the walkmen); the sea (corinne bailey rae) e age of adz (sufjan stevens)

15. this is happening (lcd soundsystem)

‘drunk girls know that love is an astronaut
it comes back, but it’s never the same’ (drunk girls)

14. azul / vermelho (nina becker)

‘mesmo assim, eu por mim não tem parada
dá licença eu já vou’ (toc toc)

13. have one on me (joanna newsom)

‘and when we were found, i know we both grieved
my heart made the sound of snow falling from leaves’ (you and me, bess)

12. my beautiful dark twisted fantasy (kanye west)

‘so goodnight cruel world, i see you in the morning
i see you in the morning’ (power)

11. interpol (interpol)

‘i miss you babe and i want you back
the signs we gave, weren’t those signs supposed to last?’ (summer well)

10. the suburbs (arcade fire)

‘these days, my life, i feel it has no purpose
but late at night the feelings swim to the surface’ (sprawl ii)

09. maya (m.i.a.)

‘oh lord, whoever you are
yeah come out wherever you are’ (born free)

08. i speak because i can (laura marling)

‘i swear it was not my choice
i used to be so kind’ (i speak because i can)

07. false priest (of montreal)

‘you are my only luxury item
anyone try to steal you, i’ll fight them’ (sex karma)

06. contra (vampire weekend)

’cause honey with you
is the only honest way to go’ (run)

05. tourist history (two door cinema club)

‘and i can tell just what you want
you don’t want to be alone’ (what you know)

04. transference (spoon)

‘when i can’t find the way to reach you my love
i’m just not the same, it just ain’t the same’ (got nuffin)

03. lonely avenue (ben folds & nick hornby)

‘i’m a loser and a poser, it’s over, it’s over
i mean it and i quit, everything i write is shit’ (a working day)

02. teen dream (beach house)

‘how much longer can you play with fire
before you turn into a liar?’ (better times)

01. the archandroid (janelle monáe)

‘you kryptonite my life
every night’ (faster)


third time’s the charm, isn’t it?

espero (e vou me esforçar para) que seja. welcome back. enjoy. não se apegue.